July 2024 – Candidate Availability Lists

The summer sun is blazing (well it should be anyway), and so is the competition for top tech talent! Don’t get caught out in the cold – July is the ideal time to put your hiring plans into action.

Here’s why:

  • Mid-Year Momentum: Professionals often re-evaluate their careers after the spring break. July is prime time to snag experienced talent with renewed energy and focus.
  • Q3 Powerhouse: Hiring now allows for a seamless onboarding before the crucial Q3 push. Hit the ground running with your new team from day one!
  • Summer Perks Sizzle: Highlight your company’s summer benefits! Think flexible schedules, team outings, or even summer retreats. Make your offer stand out.
  • Streamlined Efficiency: Avoid application chaos! Having a well-defined interview process in place now ensures a smooth experience for you and top candidates.

Browse our latest selection of experienced professionals ready to join your team:

CTOs and Technical Leads

SC and DV Cleared Engineers

Electronics and Embedded Systems

Graduate Software Developers

Engineering – Mechanical & Electrical, Design

Risk and Compliance

Insurance Brokers

QA & Software Testing

Data Science and Analysis

Would you like more info on any of the candidates listed here?

Get in touch on info@shiftf5.co.uk or 0161 388 2635 to find out more or arrange an initial interview.

Thanks for reading and all the best!