Preparing for January

In recruitment terms, January is the busiest month of the year. With literally millions in the UK workforce planning ahead and in some cases reacting to news and developments over the festive break.

Many spend the holidays thinking about the year ahead and assessing their priorities, considering work-life balance, whether their current employer will nurture their growth potential, how they can earn more money and better benefits.

You might be in the same boat.

Either way, let us know – some will no doubt see hiring as a reactive process reserved for when a team-member moves on, others will use January as an opportunity to see who is looking, grow their empire or build a high-performing team in fertile conditions.

One thing is certain – every year we come in to a bursting inbox, full of new CVs, urgent (and non-urgent) vacancies and new clients to work with.

You can reach out to us on and I’ll make sure your request is directed to the relevant member of the team.

All the best for Christmas and we look forward to hearing from you.

Simon Lewis

Shift F5

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