The year ahead – Shift F5’s Predictions for 2022

2021 has been a year of changing priorities and new starts for many, and as we enter 2022 there are some big topics being discussed in boardrooms around the country.

And if you’ve been hiring for tech roles in the past few months you’ll have seen a shortage across the most in-demand skillsets and job titles.

With the Tech industry attracting circa £13.5bn investment through 2021, there is a significant knock on effect of salary increases and candidates’ expectations, all while breathing new life into many areas of the economy.

Our 5 most in demand job titles for 2022

  • Product Managers
  • CTOs
  • Full Stack / Web Developers
  • Devops / Cloud Engineers
  • Data Science & Analytics

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Our Predictions for 2022:

  • Hiring becomes more about values and matching personality over skillset
  • More schemes aimed at attracting new talent to the tech sector
  • The debate over Remote work vs Office continues (forever?)
  • Salaries will continue to rise as the battle for talent continues
  • Life science becoming more prominent and drawing more investment
  • More Cyber crime headlines leading to further fears around technology for some
  • The metaverse really taking off as internet speeds increase

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