Where are all the Product Managers?

The competition for Tech & Product leaders from the world’s top tech companies is fierce. Without meaning to state the obvious, this makes hiring them incredibly challenging, as they have a huge amount of choice.

Put simply, they are on the market one minute, then off it the next – sound familiar?

With so much choice, its difficult to hold their attention for a significant amount of time so we often speak with hiring managers who are 12 weeks into their search and, sadly, back at square 1.

So what can we do to fix this?

During the first few weeks of the year, we’ve built an incredibly strong network of leaders across Product, Software & Data, many of which are early in their job search while working from home.

We take time to listen to their values, understand whats important to them, and find out the types of roles they would be willing to hold out for. Dream roles don’t come along very often, so when something truly unique and exciting comes along they want to hear from us.

Our value is in our network – so if you’d like to speak to some of our superstars, lets talk!

Some of the people we’re working with include (please get in touch to see examples):

** CPOs, Heads of Product, Product Directors & Product Leads (from the likes of Google, Amazon, Lyst, Deliveroo and more)

** CTOs, Heads of Engineering, Engineering Managers & Tech Leads (from top Challenger Banks as well as Microsoft, Ocado etc)

** CDOs, Heads of Data, Data Science Managers & AI Leaders (from companies such as Experian, Just Eat & a range of top AI startups)

Some of the people we’re in talks with with are interested in working for more established companies, whereas others are looking to work for startups and disruptors.

Whatever your situation, if you have ambitious plans for 2021 then let us know when you have a few minutes for a call and lets see how we can work together.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Richard Bilyard


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