Why hire in Graduate in 2023?

Recruiting in a candidate-driven market can be extremely challenging for businesses, especially in the Software Development space. By developing an effective Graduate recruitment strategy, you can gain a competitive edge by hiring the top fresh talent straight out of university.

Many of the top Computer Science & STEM graduates are now in-process with graduate employers for a August / September start, so if you’d like to find out how to get involved then read on….

1. Fresh knowledge and up-to-date skills: The University system is ahead of the curve when it comes to Technology, Graduate developers often bring the latest programming knowledge and skills to the table. They’ve been exposed to modern programming languages, frameworks, and tools during their education, which can be invaluable for keeping your organization technologically advanced.

2. Adaptability and eagerness to learn: Graduates are typically enthusiastic and eager to learn. They’re open to new challenges and can quickly adapt to different work environments and project requirements. Their fresh perspective often leads to innovative ideas and creative problem-solving.

3. Cost-effectiveness: Hiring a graduate developer is usually more cost-effective than hiring an experienced professional. They often have lower salary expectations, and you might also be able to take advantage of internships or apprenticeship programs, saving costs while giving them valuable work experience.

4. Long-term potential: When you hire a graduate developer, you have the opportunity to shape their skills and career trajectory early on. With proper mentoring and guidance, they can become valuable long-term assets to your organization. As they gain experience, they can take on more significant responsibilities and grow alongside your business.

5. Diversity and fresh perspectives: Graduates bring diverse backgrounds and perspectives to your team. They may have worked on various projects, collaborated with different teams, or had internships in various industries. This diversity enhances creativity and problem-solving within your organization.

6. Technological agility: Graduate developers are often quick to adapt to emerging technologies and tools. They’re familiar with the latest industry trends, helping your organization stay up-to-date. Their ability to grasp new concepts can facilitate the integration of new technologies into your projects.

7. Enthusiasm and motivation: Graduates usually have high levels of enthusiasm and motivation for their work. They’re eager to prove themselves and make a positive impact. Their energy and drive can inspire and motivate other team members.

8. Collaboration and teamwork: Graduates have often worked on group projects during their studies, fostering collaboration and teamwork skills. They can seamlessly integrate into your development team and contribute to a harmonious work environment. Their ability to collaborate effectively with sales and marketing teams ensures alignment and synergy, leading to cohesive strategies that drive sales growth.

9. Strong analytical skills for data-driven decision-making: Graduates are trained in analytical thinking and problem-solving. They possess the ability to interpret and analyze data, which is invaluable for sales teams. They can help leverage customer data and analytics tools to identify patterns, trends, and customer preferences. This data-driven approach empowers your sales team to make informed decisions, target the right audience, and optimize sales strategies for better results.

10. Enhanced customer support and satisfaction: Graduate developers can contribute to improving customer support processes through the development of user-friendly interfaces, chatbots, or self-service portals. By creating efficient and convenient support channels, they help enhance customer satisfaction and reduce churn. Satisfied customers are more likely to become brand advocates, driving word-of-mouth referrals and contributing to increased sales.

11. Huge return on investment: You might worry that once a new recruit is fully trained, they will leave and so deliver no return on investment. However, this is not the case. According to a survey conducted by the ISE in 2020, graduate retention remains high, despite varying by sector. On average, employers retain 57% of their graduate recruits after five years, with the average length of stay being 4.5 years.

So whether you’re looking for a developer who can work on:

  • React, Angular, Vue, Next
  • Python
  • Java
  • C# and .net
  • PHP

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