A look into the future of Devops

Ever-growing tech like AI, microservices, and serverless are reshaping DevOps in 2024. Expect smarter ops, agile development, and secure deployments, all driven by automation, security integration, and edge computing.

AI and Machine Learning (AI-ops)
AI-ops injects AI and machine learning into IT operations, automating tasks, and providing deep analytics. This means faster solutions, empowered teams, and smoother sailing for your business.

Microservices Architecture
Imagine applications that scale like magic, update with a snap, and flex to any need. That’s the microservices promise. But to truly conquer this power, DevOps must adapt to decentralised worlds.

This approach embeds security throughout CI/CD, empowering DevOps teams with automated testing, code analysis, and proactive monitoring. Secure software starts here, and the benefits speak for themselves.

Infrastructure as Code
IaC enables you to replicate perfect cloud environments every time, with zero errors and minimal effort; that’s it’s superpower. Code your infrastructure, simplify management, and watch your cloud complexity melt away.

Containerization and Kubernetes
Docker and Kubernetes are the game-changers, offering predictable environments, deployment lightning strikes, and streamlined workflows. Embrace the container revolution, but be ready to tame the complexity with powerful orchestration.

Edge Computing
Edge computing ignites the age of on-site processing, powered by the IoT boom. DevOps rises to the challenge, devising innovative deployment, monitoring, and security tactics for the edge revolution.

Olly is Head of Devops and Data at Shift F5, you can reach him on 0208 051 7900 or ollyps@shiftf5.co.uk