Future Tech – AI & Machine Learning

Over the past couple of months, it has become easier & cheaper than ever before to hire highly-skilled Software Developers, Data Science/AI specialists and DevOps & Cloud Engineers.

Here’s why:

** Thousands of new candidates have recently appeared on the market – many of these have niche skills and sought-after experience

** Many of the big players in the market have put a freeze on new hires – candidates are getting fewer offers and less competition is stabilizing salary expectations

** Candidates are placing more value over stability and job security rather than financial returns – salary is no longer the most important thing

Companies who are still hiring are reaping the rewards. The power of video-interviewing is enabling businesses to hire in-demand tech talent faster and at a lower cost.

If you’d be interested in a particular skillset, please let me know and we’ll forward suitable profiles across today – we’re working with a range of candidates across the above disciplines as well as within Project Management & Technical Leadership.

You can reach out to Richard Bilyard on richard@shiftf5.co.uk