Top 7 Programming Languages for 2024

Software Engineers like to stay ahead of new technologies & 2023 has given us a whole host of new tools to play with in the world of Software Design & Development, so here are Shift F5s top 7 programming languages for you to get learning over the Christmas break.

2023 saw the transformative potential of generative AI, however this does not make the coding work of programmers and software engineers redundant. Instead it allows us to become even more productive, and focus our efforts on other part of the development process.

The human aspects of writing code: problem solving, creativity, design skills, security awareness and understanding complex system components, cannot be tampered with by AI. AI can consequently create security risks, bad code, and lack of innovative solutions.

Instead, Artificial Intelligence can be incorporated into programmer’s workflow to increase productivity, since it can automate specific repetitive tasks, predict problematic code and other inefficiencies, and make accurate predictions on the longevity of a programming project.

With that being said, you’re still in business!

And for those not quite a technical expert…

In layman’s terms, programming languages are a communication system humans use to instruct a computer. It is a set of rules and symbols which allows programmers to write code, which the system interprets and executed.

Now we’re all on the same page, let’s dive into the top 7 Programming Languages of 2024!

  1. Python – Key Strengths: innate simplicity, versatility, user-friendly, great for data applications
  1. R – Key Strengths: rich repertoire of statistical methods, a favourite for Data Scientists
  1. Java – Key Strengths: extensive library ecosystem, sever-side application development, Enterprise favourite
  1. C# – Key Strengths: well-structured architecture, versatile and adaptable, MS stack
  1. C++ – Key Strengths: versatile, object-oriented, speed and efficiency, incredibly fast
  1. Kotlin – Key Strengths: innate compatibility with Java, concise and secure
  1. JavaScript – Key Strengths: high-level scripting, declarative styles, effortless integration with HTML, new libraries

So, programmers, software engineers and recruiters alike – stay adaptable, aware, and informed. The future of programming languages is an exciting one!

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