Lockdown & WFH – Improving Team Communication And Collaboration

If like most businesses, you are still adjusting to the new norms of business comms and collaboration, you might like to hear about how other companies are tackling similar challenges.

We have recently interviewed a number of Communication and Collaboration Consultants (working with Sharepoint / Office 365) to find out what projects they had completed, and how they are helping to connect remote workers.

We noticed the same projects mentioned again and again:

Intranet design & Employee self-service – allow your teams to keep in touch and stay on top of changes and important news across the business, take the pressure off HR and Payroll teams via self service portals

Document Management systems in Sharepoint / MS Teams – managing important documents and business processes through effective document control and ease of access for remote workers

Skype for Business / Unified Comms / MS Teams – re-routingphone systems and allowing remote-working teams to automatically share important information and collaborate as if they are still in the office

Cloud & Automation – Using MS Azure and Flow, to link databases and systems together, improving visibility and access to company data

The majority of the above projects are completed entirely in Office 365, meaning most companies already have the technical tools, they just need to specialist skills to deliver the project. That’s where Shift F5 come in.

Shift F5 provide temporary and contract resources for the above projects and more – if you think you could benefit from a consultant or interim Technical Specialist to deliver a project then get in touch to discuss on 0161 413 6330 or info@shiftf5.co.uk