April 2024 – Candidate Availability Lists

Easter, a time of renewal and fresh beginnings, as well as lots of chocolate! As nature wakes up and we start to see more daylight in evening, it’s the perfect season for businesses to reflect on their own growth journey and plan for the rest of year. So, why not use this time to touch on your talent strategy and attract the best people to join your team?

Here’s how Easter can be a strategic time for recruitment:

  • Capitalize on the Spring Job Market: Easter coincides with a natural shift in the job market. Many professionals, inspired by the season of renewal, are more receptive to new opportunities. Attract these top performers by highlighting exciting openings in your company.
  • Highlight Growth Alongside Renewal: During the Easter season, emphasize your company’s exciting growth trajectory when advertising open positions. Showcase how joining your team aligns with their desire for fresh beginnings and professional development.
  • Invest in Your Employer Brand: Build a strong employer brand that reflects your company’s positive culture, commitment to growth, and investment in its people. This will resonate with candidates seeking a nurturing environment where they can blossom alongside the company.

We have a pool of talented individuals eager to embark on their next professional adventure. Would you like to see a full profile of any candidates or schedule initial calls to discuss their qualifications further?

Software Engineers & Developers

Data Science and Analysis

QA & Software Testing

Compliance Professionals 

Electrical & Mechanical Engineers 

IT & Infrastructure Engineers 

Cyber Security & InfoSec  


Would you like more info on any of the candidates listed here?

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Thanks for reading and all the best!