5 reasons to learn to code in Python

Everyone is talking about Python, and only the Python developers truly know why!

For the rest of us, here are 5 reasons you should start using Python before the year is up, and then 1 reason you shouldn’t!

1. Data Science – It is the most popular programming language of Data Scientists & Machine Learning Engineers

2. Its simple to use and easy to learn

3. There is a huge global community of devs producing really good Libraries and toolsets to power up your projects

4. Job Prospects & Salary – with every tech company currently talking about Python, its a pretty safe bet you’ll be earning good money with excellent prospects in the near future

5. Python is a multi purpose language, which means you won’t be tied in to a particular industry or sector, giving you plenty of routes to progress your career

OK, Sounds great, but what’s the downside?

Although Python is great for developers, if you are a CTO or Hiring Manager, you will no doubt know Python developers are in incredibly short supply, which makes them VERY HARD to recruit for…

As a result, and with the Python & Data Science market as active as ever, here at Shift F5 we spend our days engaging with Developers, Data Scientists/Engineers and Machine Learning Engineers to help them find their next career move.

Please read on for some details on some of our current candidates:


Jake – Python Developer (mid-senior), Bristol

** 5 Years’ Python experience, exp with Django & Flask, Docker, Agile & TDD, front-end with JS, HTML &CSS

Emma – Python Developer (junior-mid), Bath

** 1 Year’s experience with Python & Java, experience with numpy & scipy, AWS, JS, HTML & CSS

Data Science / Engineering

Louise – Data Scientist, Bristol

** 1 Year’s experience in Data Science, Python, MATLAB, R & Scala, ML with TensorFlow & SK-Learn, numpy, pandas, AWS Cloud

Max – Data Engineer / Scientist, Glastonbury

** Strong Python & SQL, PySpark, Pandas, TensorFlow & SK-Learn, ElasticSearch, AWS, MSc in Big Data

Machine Learning

Antoine – Machine Learning R&D Engineer

** Experience across Software & Engineering, extensive modelling skills, Python & MATLAB, MSc in Physics, exceptional client-facing skills

Marco – Machine learning Engineer (focus around DL & CV)

** 3 years’ specialising in ML/DL, Computer Vision, Python, C++, Neural Networks, OpenCV, Image processing, MSc in Computer Eng

If you’d be interested in any further details on any of the above please send me a message – equally, if you’d be interested in any free information on the local Python/Data market, just get in touch and I’ll be happy to provide some insight.

If you’ve looking for a different skillset, you can see the areas we specialise in by following this link.

Best wishes,

Richard Bilyard


Data Science and Engineering

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