Are you the only person NOT using AI right now?

Does anyone else feel like every product and company out there is using AI and Machine Learning?

So if you are the only company NOT using it, how would you go about utilising it, and more importantly – should you even bother?

Ideally you would need someone who has done it before – perhaps a CTO from an AI or Machine Learning tech business (who are like goldust right now) or a Head of Product that can not only spec out the benefits of AI but also communicate that value to your clients and prospects.

As a result Product Management professionals who are experienced in AI/ ML are in short supply; an increasing problem for hiring managers who are looking to deploy AI/ML-powered technology. From Cybersecurity Applications to AI- powered chatbots, the ways that young businesses operate has been a point of constant fluctuation.

 I help high-growth businesses who are driven by AI/ML innovation, pairing them with Product Managers who are experts in this field. Whether you’re looking for a Head of Product to spearhead a transition towards the incorporation of AI/ML powered tech, or if you’d like to gain an ambitious, data analytics focused Product Manager who is looking for the next step in their career, I cover recruitment for both areas.

See below for a snapshot of two particular candidates we are working with, who are motivated by the ever changing world of Artificial Intelligence and Machine-Learning:

Gregory (Digital Product Manager: ML/ AI App/ Chatbot)

•             3 years of Digital Product Management Experience within high-growth start-ups

•             Using Jira to drive requirements for SaaS platform

•             Worked on cutting-edge Decentralised App

•             Creating product vision and roadmap for social integration platform (AI chatbot)

Oscar (Head of Product: AI/ ML platform/ Agile)

•             5 years experience in product delivery for SaaS start-ups 

•             Building a Machine Learning recommendation SaaS platform from scratch

•             Conducting ML/ AI research

•             Leading a team of engineers and product managers

We are arranging interviews for these candidates over the next few days – to see their CVs in full or to discuss availability, please reply back to this email or call me on 0161 413 6330.

All the best & Look forward to hearing from you

Enna Tomlinson

Product Management Recruiter

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