December vs January

Timing is everything.

Have you ever been to the gym in January? Complete nightmare. It’s absolutely packed, you have to wait 15 minutes to get on any of the machines, and when you eventually do, you inherit a sweat-saturated seat left behind by the guy before – lovely.

Try going to the gym in December – it’s dead. Nobody can be bothered to fit an exercise routine into a schedule already packed full of work nights out, ice skating and £8(!) mugs of mulled wine, leaving you free to finish your work out and get home in time for Emmerdale.

Hiring during this time of the year is no different. Most companies lean towards holding off till January, which subsequently leaves them shouting over each other and fighting over that perfect candidate, who will no doubt have several options on the table.

We get it – December is a hectic period (see second paragraph) – who has the time to onboard? We do, and we’ve been evolving our vast network of candidates for the past five years, specifically so we can save companies like you a lot of time, and ultimately help you get ahead of the curve and ready for the New Year. We also offer a no-placement-no-fee service, minimising the risk for new clients to take us on.

With that being said, would you be interested in setting up a call to further discuss how we can help?

I’ve included a few links below that should give you a better feel for our work:

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