Top 10 Data Science tools for 2023

The field of data science has produced some incredibly powerful tools over the past few years & as new tools and technologies emerge, here are ten data science tools that are likely to be in high demand in 2023:

  1. Python – Learn-Python
  2. R – Learn-R
  3. SQL – SQL_For_Data_Science
  4. Hadoop – Intro_to_Hadoop
  5. Spark – Apache_Spark_Fundamentals
  6. Tableau – Tableau_Training
  7. Jupyter – Jupyter_Notepads
  8. TensorFlow – Learn_Tensorflow
  9. Scikit-learn – Introduction_Scikit_Learn
  10. Keras – Intro_to_Keras

Linked above are free certificated courses that you can genuinely learn from if you are looking to understand more about the best systems out there for Machine learning, Data Analysis and Programming.

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